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Roaring Foam is the premier Foam Party Rental for kids and adults in the Bay Area. We service San Jose – Oakland – San Francisco. Our high-powered jet foam cannon, inflatable foam pit, and ridiculously fun add-ons will turn any normal pool or outdoor area into a roaring scene of entertainment!  We only use 100% organic, toxic-free foam solution, and best of all, we deliver the fun to you!



Bay Area Foam Party Pricing 🤩

Choose from a package below or create your own custom foam party!

Kids Enjoying Foam Party with Gallons of Foam in San Francisco

60 Minutes or 5 Gallons of Foam!

$ 450
  • What's Included:
  • Foam Daddy Foam Cannon
  • King Bubble Machine
  • 1 Hour or 5 Gallon of Foam
  • Premium & Organic Foam Solution
  • Beach Balls
  • Sony Bluetooth Speaker
  • On-site Foam Operator
  • Foam machine delivery & setup
  • Add 1 Gallon of foam for $99
Ultimate Kids Foam Party in San Jose - Non-stop Fun and Excitement


120 Minutes or 10 Gallons of Foam!

$ 599
  • What's Included:
  • Foam Daddy Foam Cannon
  • King Bubble Machine
  • 2 Hours or 10 Gallons of Foam
  • Premium & Organic Foam Solution
  • Beach Balls
  • Sony Bluetooth Speaker
  • On-site Foam Operator
  • Foam machine delivery & setup
  • Add 1 Gallon of foam for $99
Inclusive Fun at roaringfoam with Foam Daddy Cannons, King Bubble Machine in Bay Area


15 Gallons of Foam + UPGRADES!

$ 799
  • What's Included:
  • 2x Foam Daddy Cannons
  • King Bubble Machine
  • 3 Gallons of Foam
  • 2 Hours of Play
  • Sony Bluetooth Speaker
  • Premium & Organic Foam Solution
  • Beach Balls
  • On-site Foam Operator
  • Foam machine delivery & setup


Choose from a package above or make your own personalized foam party!

Safety Is our top priority 🛡

The Foam Machine ejecting Foam, roaringfoam Foam Party Bay Area

About Roaring Foam Parties: San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose

Roaring Foam commits to the best foam parties Bay Area has to offer. Our kids foam parties are second to none and our foam party rental for adults is an absolute hit.

Expert Event Coordination: Adding Vibrance to San Francisco Foam Party

Vibrant Event Coordinators

All of our Event Coordinators are well trained to follow safety protocols while maximizing the energy of your event. We make it our job to make your foam party ridiculously fun with a personable and fun attitude along with top of the line equipment. Additionally, all coordinators must follow CDC-recommended sanitation protocols.

Sanitized Foam Magic: Ensuring Safety in San Jose Foam Parties

Cleaning & Sanitation Protocols

Here are Roaring Foam, we have an incredibly high standard of cleanliness. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before and after every event to ensure the equipment in your foam party rental is clean, sanitized, and ultimately safe!

Top-Tier Equipment for Foam Party Magic - Bay Area's Best Experience with roaringfoam

Top-Tier Foam Party Rental Equipment

We use the super-powered foam cannons and quality foam solution to provide stacked foam as high as 5-6ft tall (we could even go higer!) that creates an urge in any kid and adult to run into our foam pile with a big smile on their face! Our add-ons like our bubble-fog machine, huge bluetooth speaker, and mega inflatable foam pit takes a foam party to the next level. A foam party should be fun and also magical which is only possible with top-tier equipment!


Our primary service area is between San Francisco – San Jose – Oakland.  

However, we still venture out to the East Bay and neighoboring cities such as Santa Cruz 🙂

It sure is! The foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining, and hypoallergenic. It is completely safe for babies, children, animals, plants, and the environment.  It is made of the same ingredients as Dawn dish soap, plus water.

All we need for your foam party is access to a water source and water outlet. 

We’ll take care of the rest!

Absolutely! We make our foam parties as energetic and enthusiastic for the kids and adults as possible! 

We highly recommend a change of clothes to change into after the epic foam party!

Our foam party works for any ages!
Whether you’re looking to host a kids foam party or and adults foam party, we do it all! 

We can set up the foam cannon, foam solution, and water within 30 minutes! 

Should you decide to go with our Ultimate Foam Party package that comes with an inflatable pit, we will require at least 45 minutes to an hour prior to your event.

The foam dissolves on its own within a few hours. Alternatively, we can wash down the foam for you to dissolve the foam faster, however most of our clients prefer to leave the foam as long as possible to continue the fun! 

Should it pour on the day of your event, we will have to cancel and will provide a full refund of your deposit. Alternatively, we can reschedule your foam party to another date. Click here for other novel kids birthday parties like Nerf Parties and Bubble Soccer.
We will issue a request for a $100 deposit through a secure link! 

The foam solution does not leave a layer of liquid on the floor so slipping does not occur as often as one would think in our foam parties! 

Additionally, our foam operators prioritize safety and will take extra measures to ensure safety. 

We've made booking easy!


3 Unique Choices by RoaringFoam

Choose from 3 different foam parties and ask about our extras!

RoaringFoam's Premier Foam Party Equipment in San Francisco, We'll deliver besy foam party rental equipment

We'll deliver all the foam party rental equipment & set everything up!

RoaringFoam Unicorn: The Magical Touch to San Francisco Foam Parties

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